Between work and finding elusive bird species around the country, Don likes to write. A lot. With two books published to date, Don’s passion for humour and business is neatly contained in the below publications: Dead & Listening and Do Ideas.

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Dead & Listening

Stuck in a hospital bed on your birthday is not ideal. Stuck in a hospital bed on your birthday while comatose is worse. But, stuck in a hospital bed seemingly comatose, but able to hear, smell and – when they open your eyes – see everything around you is something else entirely. The only problem is, for the past few weeks Dan Malcolm hasn’t been able to tell anyone this. Worst yet, his birthday present from the doctors is a long weekend deadline to wake up. Or… click.

With the help of his wife, a happy-go-lucky nurse and Patrick Swayze, Dan’s determination knows no bounds as he tries every trick in the book to get his itchy arse out of bed.

Do Ideas

Ideas are everywhere. Everyone has them. If you look at something that isn’t working correctly, or optimally, and consider a possible solution to fixing it, you’ve had an idea. You have them all day, every day.

The problem, however, is that the percentage of these ideas that we actually act upon and execute is minimal. Extremely minimal. Why? Well, everyone has their own reasons why, of course. Time, resources, fear of failure. The list goes on. So ideas sit in our heads, stagnating, and are filed away in the “One day…” cabinet of our brains. A very dark place to be.
Do Ideas is designed to encourage every person with an idea, to do that idea.
Through a number of extreme varying perspectives on how to get things done, the aim of this book is for any person reading it to resonate with at least one contribution, and realise that people from all walks of life, from all around the world, are getting things done. And so can you.

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