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5 surefire April Fool’s pranks

April 1st, 2014 Posted by Uncategorized 1 thought on “5 surefire April Fool’s pranks”


• Swap your friend’s cocaine with powdered cement. Coughing his way to the emergency room will be a hoot.

• Cut someone’s brake lines. They’ll be a fool to think that their car will stop when pressing the brake pedal. (An extra treat is if you live near mountains. Yelling “April Fool!” on their way over a cliff is a great way to get a good laugh.)

• Substitute the cream in an eclair with shaving foam and hand them out to everyone in the office. Nothing screams “Got ya!” like mass vomiting.

• Hack into your wife’s Facebook account and send dirty messages to her guy friends. Adultery is hilarious on April 1st. (Bonus points if you send to family.)

• Punch an old lady in the face. She’ll be an April Fool to think you respect your elders.

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