A global New Year

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On New Year’s eve, I did a little experiment by sending a select group of friends and family a Whatsapp message simply saying:

Happy New Year!
In this crazily connected world, and in an attempt to get as many towns/cities/countries/continents connected for New Year as possible, please send me a pin/location of where you’re celebrating New Year’s tonight? Ours below.
Here’s to a crazy awesome 2017!

I also included a location pin to where we were. I was overwhelmed by the responses, and below is a big world view of where I received messages from. Pretty cool, I thought.

A few stats from the 92 respondents:

  • 44,5% of people were at home (or nearby)
  • 45,6% of people traveled locally
  • 69% of the South Africans who traveled locally went to the east coast
  • 9,9% of people traveled internationally
  • 86,9% of people enjoyed a summer New Year’s (everyone in South Africa, and John in Equador)
  • People go to some weird-ass places
  • People share their exact locations far too freely… 🙂



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