ONE TIME OFFER! Get your own @richmulholland today!

April 8th, 2011 Posted by Uncategorized 1 thought on “ONE TIME OFFER! Get your own @richmulholland today!”

Rich and I have a bet that I can’t sell a talk of his (on any topic) by the end of the day. What he DIDN’T agree to was the “for how much?” part.

I’m not an animal, the man still needs to make some money after all, so I’m selling a talk by him, for you, for a discounted rate of R 7, 001. That’s a saving of R 20, 999!

74,9964% discount! How can you pass this up? Well, you can’t. So email me at to book now!

Date has to be either:
– Thursday 21 April 2011
– Friday 22 April 2011
– Monday 25 April 2011

Just to be clear, this is a one-time offer. First come, first served. Only one for sale. Uno. Not two. Just one. Did I mention there’s only one for sale?

1 thought on “ONE TIME OFFER! Get your own @richmulholland today!”

  1. Russell says:

    Cool idea for selling a talk but those dates are over Easter. How keen are people going to be to hire a speaker over the public holidays?

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